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Jerry Lukacs

Comparative Mythographer to the Stars

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Jerry was tracing the appearance of the sphinx in Near Eastern mythology and telling horrible jokes. It's not like a comparative mythographer at the University of Chicago is going to change the world outside of his discipline.

Life, it's said, is what happens while you make other plans.

Speech notes: [This is Jerry speaking in Classical Greek. His accent is terrible, and terribly American magically flawless.] Otherwise as English.

Scent/magic note: For those pups with extra options, Jerry is now a priest of Pan. This doesn't do anything when nobody worships Pan, but is active in Bar. He'll smell like goats and ozone due to this.

Edit (April 2009): Weyland mechanicalswans has constructed a set of iron keys for Jerry that help him and his friends deal with the Door. They are tied with blood samples to a fairly small set of people and won't work for just anyone. Jerry wears his on a thin chain around his neck.

OOC: Muns of god pups wanting to tag Jerry are asked to toss an email at the mun first. Jerry gets, um, jumpy around recognisable deities. The mun is reachable by email at nocarename(at)gmail(dot)com during periods when chat is not being used.

Disclaimer: Jerry Lukacs is from the book Pyramid Scheme, and is the property of Baen Books, Dave Freer and Eric Flint. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.